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Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Getting more than we can ask for


If God’s children are willing to trust Him even amidst opposition, God will deliver them and give them even more than they ask for.  When the investigations into the historical records were done, not only did Darius issue a decree to let the people of God continue building the temple, but that the means (materials resources) to do so should come from the state!  That is how much our God can do for those who have faith in Him!


Help had come from Darius, a non-worshiper of God.  God is not limited in the means He can use to bring about His will!


By faith, God’s Temple was completed (verse 15) and God’s people celebrated what God had done.  With the Temple completed, they were able to start sacrificing the offerings to God such as sin offerings and those required for the Passover. 


God’s people should always seek to build God’s house so that they can have a place where they worship Him.  While we are the temple of God and should do all we can to honor God in our bodies, erecting a physical temple enables us to have a place where we can meet with God in worship.


“Our Lord, show us Your glory!”


Pardon Mwansa
General Vice President
General Conference