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Monday, May 27, 2013

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God’s Altar first


The first thing that those who returned to Jerusalem did before they began rebuilding the house of God was to build an altar for God to offer burnt offerings.  Immediately after they completed building the altar, they began burning the “morning and evening” offerings (verse 3).  The first thing that is paramount among God’s children wherever they go or are found is to establish a regular life of prayer.  Prayer is the means by which God’s children stay in touch with God.


When the foundation was laid and people gathered to thank God for that, there were mixed reactions.  Those who had seen Solomon’s temple wept while those who had not been there, shouted for joy at the laying of this foundation.  Different generations may see things differently because of their experiences and backgrounds.  God meets us where we are.  I have seen how different generations respond differently to same things even today.


It is good to stop and thank God and praise Him for every work He helps us accomplish.  At the completion of the foundation, they praised God. We do not have to wait until all things are completed for us to praise God.


“Heavenly Father, help us to meet You at the altar of prayer every morning and every evening and all the time.”


Pardon Mwansa
General Vice President
General Conference