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Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Returning back to Jerusalem


Chapter 2 is full of lists of people, leaders and followers, who returned to Jerusalem from Babylon where they had been in captivity.  The seventy years that were decreed for them to be in captivity was up and it was time to return home. The Bible in Revelation 21:27 speaks about those whose names are “written in the Lambs book of life.” It will be a privilege to be named in the Lamb’s book of life on that day when Jesus returns.


The appeal to return to Jerusalem was for a purpose.  The purpose was to go and rebuild the house of God, the Temple.  The Temple among God’s people signified God’s presence among them.  For such a noble task, the Bible says in verses 68-69 that they offered freely for the house of God, according to their ability.  God has always required us to only give according to our abilities and not by force, for God loves a cheerful giver.


The mentioning of leaders among the group is significant.  Each time God has set out to accomplish something, He sets some as leaders to serve the role of encouraging others to accomplish God’s purpose.


“Father, help us to be among those who respond positively and gladly to Your call.”


Pardon Mwansa
General Vice President
General Conference