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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Ezekiel 46 continues the description of the restored Temple and emphasizes the manner of worship and how offerings were prepared. Several important points can be made. First, worship with proper orderly conduct is important. Second the Sabbath is connected to worship and has a key place in the renewed Temple of Israel. Special sacrifices were to be offered on that day. Third, details matter and should be followed. All of these are principles which can and should be followed even today.

It is also interesting to see in verses 19 through 24 that kitchens are described. Not only do the priests in the Temple have special kitchens (verses 19 and 20) but the four corners of the outer court have large kitchens as well which are used to cook for the people (verses 21 through 24). While burnt offerings were burned on the altar in entirety, the fellowship and peace offerings are mostly eaten. Priests got the thigh, the breast went to other priests, and the rest was eaten by the people (Leviticus 7:31, 32 and 10:14). 

This means that especially on Sabbaths and festival days there was feasting and wonderful fellowship. After a solemn slaying of the animals in atonement for sin a time of celebration took place.  Prince and people joyously shared food in God’s presence. In Hebrew culture and the Bible, eating together is a part of true worship and fellowship.  So it should be among us.

Jon Dybdahl
Walla Walla University
United States