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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Hiram King of Tyre had been like a brother to Solomon and had provided cedar logs from Lebanon for the building of the Temple.  Those days were long gone.  Evil Jezebel  had come from Tyre and the Tyreans had rejoiced at Jerusalem’s fall.

The cedars had given Tyre the resources she needed to exploit her status as a port city and to become a mighty mercantile state: an ancient Singapore, no less.  Not so charming, to be sure, yet just as prosperous.  Yet the prosperity would not last. The Babylonians who had destroyed Jerusalem would destroy Tyre too.  The city would choke under the dust that the Babylonian horses would kick up.  The armies would roll into the city like a rising tidal wave.  And tidal waves were something Tyre understood. 

Babylon laid siege and took the city.  Some elements of the prediction took time.  The dust would be scraped off her rocks and a bridge was built to the island part of the city.  But in time, the words of the Lord did come to pass.  The culture and civilization of Tyre would be no more and the empire would never be revived.

God is not mocked.  Those who hurt His people hurt Him.  He will rise to their defence and do so now as He did then.

Ross Cole
Senior Lecturer
Avondale College, Australia