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Monday, July 21, 2014

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Oh, Lord, Your ways can be so hard!  Ezekiel is Your faithful prophet yet he is spared no pain.  Your wife, Jerusalem, dies and the same day Ezekiel’s wife must die too.  Like Hosea before him, he doesn’t just mouth the divine grief.  He experiences it directly.  It is not the words that are inspired first, it is the spokesperson himself or herself who is moved by the Spirit.

The lion has roared.  Who can be silent?  The word of the Lord is fire in the bones that cannot be contained.  But the fire consumes the bearer, not just the guilty. 

Lord, those who see Your way as a way of escaping sorrow and grief have it wrong.  You never promised us an easy or prosperous life.  The grief of the universe, Your very own grief, becomes ours.  We are broken and crushed beneath the weight.

Yet You give us not only pain and grief.  You give us Yourself as well.  That is the essence of Calvary.  And You are enough.

In my own life I have seen people I love profoundly abused, I have suffered from posttraumatic stress on an ongoing basis, and I have lost more than one person dear to me by sudden death.  

Sometimes it seems like it will never end.   You call none of us to self-punishment.  But the path You call us to is sometimes a steep and rocky path with many a thorn.  Yet I can bear testimony this day that You are enough, for in my weakness I see Your perfect strength!

Ross Cole
Senior Lecturer
Avondale College, Australia