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Friday, July 18, 2014

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Jerusalem and its sanctuary will be judged.  And there will be no escape for the righteous or the wicked.  All will go down together.  The sword is out of its sheath and will not be put back until they have returned to the land between the rivers where their father Abraham had been born. 

Ezekiel goes groaning in the streets and when the people ask, “Why?” he explains that all hearts will melt, every spirit will faint, and all knees will be weak as water when that day comes.  The sword is sharp and flashes brightly in every direction.  There is no way to escape.  Signs and predictions may make them feel secure, but they are lying signs and false predictions.  It is you, Jerusalem, that the king of Babylon will attack, not your enemies the Ammonites.
“But the crown,” the crowd cries. “The crown will surely save us, for hasn’t Yahweh promised that a son of David is to rule Israel forever?”  Do you think the princes will escape the sword?  The sceptre is just a stick for the sword to cut down.  The crown will be removed and it won’t come back, until the One to whom it really belongs arrives. 

Yes, the crown will last forever, but only on the head of the true Son of David, the perfect one, who has been so badly represented by those who have interfered with God’s message.  Don’t trust in princes, for they will fail you.  But trust in the Messiah, the perfect son.  He and he alone can save.  “Son of David have mercy on us” (Matt 9:27).

Ross Cole
Senior Lecturer
Avondale College, Australia