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Thursday, July 10, 2014

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God’s people find themselves in a conflicting condition when God is giving messages through Ezekiel and there also arose false prophets among them who turned their minds away from the truth.  We see God pleading with His people to stop their falsehood and lies for they claim to speak God’s message but never speak of doing good, to stand in the gapes, and build the walls of Jerusalem to protect them in the day of battle.

The false prophets can be easily identified by their ‘messages of peace’ when around them is war and trouble.  They tend to win favor of Israel by putting whitewash on the walls that they build; giving the people false security. They were only giving false hopes for when the strong winds blow the walls they built and painted white do not stand but fall.  These false prophets not only deceive the people but try to discredit the true prophets. God’s wrath and punishment will surely come upon them. 

The false prophets and prophetesses come with attractive allurements, like magic bands and veils for the head, to make others believe their lies. They wait like devouring lions and hunt whom they would deceive. God says that He will tear them apart, they will continue their deceptions no more, and He will set free His people who were trapped by them.  Wrong doers and false teachers will not be tolerated but punished for misleading God’s people. False prophets will have no citizenship in God’s kingdom.

This condition in Israel reminds or warns us of the last days when modern Israel lives in the the land of captivity of Satan.  As God has sent us warning messages for the last days through His prophet, the enemy brings in false prophets and teachers who teach messages that deceive God’s people, even the very elect.  This message also warns us that when these false prophets appear and present the message in alluring forms that only those who love God and the truth will be able to stand against the deceptions. God’s message ends with the assurance that He will deliver His people from the hands of the false prophets (13:23).

Roy Jemison Injety
Spicer College, India