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Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Exodus 35-40 reflects patterns of the worship that would continue to take place within the temple and throughout the experience of the Israelite nation. It was God’s plan that His people in every generation be educated as to the plan of salvation that He had provided for them. God still desires to abide with His people today and gives us instruction through His Word. Like the artisans working in the making of the sanctuary, we are given knowledge and wisdom to do His work on this earth. Our worship involves reciprocity through obedience and following God’s biblical specifications. God’s people bring gifts with thankful hearts through tithes and offerings, a vital part of worship. And finally we become the venue to spread God’s love to others. His presence must be felt in our midst as He abides in the throne of our hearts.


Exodus 40 is the consummation of this relationship between man and Creator.  We see that the sanctuary and all its furnishings are anointed and consecrated.  They are made holy and are cleansed in preparation for receiving God’s presence. The artist’s work meets God’s full approval when He blesses the sanctuary and fills it with His presence. His presence guides His people with a cloud during the day and a pillar of fire at night. There is no doubt that God is love as He seeks intimacy and to reestablish a relationship with us.  Through the sanctuary He comes close to guide, protect, and to give people a greater purpose and salvation. Today Jesus serves as our High Priest in the heavenly sanctuary ministering in our behalf while we remain on this earth. His ultimate goal is to dwell with us and one day the New Jerusalem will again come to rest on this earth (Rev 21:2-4), and His throne will be lifted up, and we will dwell in that Promised Land forever.


Giselle Sarli Hasel

School of Visual Art and Design

Southern Adventist