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Friday, July 6, 2012

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Have you ever asked the question: “Am I called by God? What is God calling me to do?” You may not be a preacher, a teacher, or an evangelist, but you desperately want to honor God and serve Him. This chapter provides an important insight into the calling of God. He says to Moses, “I have called by name Bezalel . . . and I have filled him with the Spirit of God.” It is significant that this is the first time in Scripture that God says that He calls someone and it is only the third time that the term “Spirit of God” is used in the Old Testament. The first is Gen 1:2 where the “Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters” at Creation. The second is when the pharaoh of Egypt states that Joseph is a man “in whom is the spirit of God” (Gen 41:38). But here in Exodus 31 the Creator uses this term for the first time to describe how he would fill Bezalel  with “the Spirit of God” (Ex 31:3) to create and fashion the sanctuary and its furnishings with wisdom, understanding, knowledge “in all manner of workmanship.”


You see God does not only call people to be pastors, teachers, and evangelists. He calls all of His people to use skills and talents that He provides through the Spirit of God “to make [or do] everything that I have commanded” (vs. 6). God is looking for artists and craftsmen that will, through art and sculpture and media, communicate God’s message to the world; builders to build churches that people might learn of Him and schools that will further His work in the lives of young people; doctors, nurses and health care professionals to minister to people through healing. He is the source of the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge gained in our professions. He is also the source of the abilities to execute our work. What is God calling you to do for His kingdom, to prepare others to meet Him when He soon comes to take us home?


Michael Hasel

School of Religion

Southern Adventist University