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Sunday, July 1, 2012

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The term tabernacle, mishkan, is related to the term shekinah, the glorious presence of God that was to fill the tabernacle. This would be the tent or dwelling where God would dwell among His people.The exquisite details provided for the building of the sanctuary indicate the importance God places on worship and on knowing His plan of salvation. The curtains were to be made of fine blue, purple, and scarlet twisted linen by the finest workmanship. The veil was to divide the holy from the most holy place.  All the dimensions were to be carefully followed.


This is an example to us of how important worship is to our Creator. When we come to worship, our focus should not be on ourselves, but on Him. We approach His presence in our best clothing, in an attitude of reverence, and in a spirit of contrition. Today much of our worship tends to focus on ourselves and how we feel. We tend to ask what we can get out of worship and consequently our feelings and experience often becomes central.  So if we do not feel comfortable, or we make others feel uncomfortable, this becomes the most important focus. But this is very different from the way worship is described in Exodus as the tabernacle is being built. This is a God-centered experience that requires the right attitude and best that Israel has to offer.  How is it in our lives today? When we approach God for worship do we come clean, wearing our best, and worship Him in honor and in truth? The sanctuary was to be a teaching lesson for Israel as the salvation acts of God were revealed to them.


Michael Hasel

Southern Adventist University