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Saturday, June 30, 2012

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This chapter begins the detailed instructions given for the building of the sanctuary, its furniture, priestly garments, and services. It is important to note at the outset that the materials needed for this tabernacle were not readily available in the desert. Once again God had provided all the necessary items needed from the plunder that Israel had received from the Egyptians. Now God requests His people to make an offering from these precious metals, gem stones, fabrics, skins, and oils for the building of a house that He might “dwell among them.” These gifts were to come from the heart of the people, given freely and willingly. The people gave the best that they had.  Are you giving the best that you have to the Lord, your resources, time, and strength? The Israelites gave freely so that they might have a place where God could dwell and they could come in contact with the divine.


While the people were to build the wilderness tabernacle, it was designed “after the pattern” that God showed them. This tabernacle on earth was a “pattern” of “heavenly things” (Heb 9:23, 24). It was designed as a “copy of the great original” in heaven (GC 414; Heb 8:2).  Here in the earthly tabernacle the people were taught the truths relating to Christ’s sacrifice and the final end to the controversy between Christ and Satan. We serve a God who has always desired to reveal His plan of redemption to His people. We can be eternally grateful that we serve a living God who continues to serve in our behalf in the true sanctuary in heaven today as our Advocate, Savior, and Judge.


Michael Hasel

Southern Adventist University