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Friday, June 29, 2012

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Moses wrote all the words of the Lord which became the book of the covenant and he read it before the people. This is the first “book” mentioned as being written although earlier in Exod 17:14 Moses is instructed by God to write the events surrounding Rephidim and the attack of the Amalekites. How was this done and what script was used? The fact that the alphabet had been introduced for the first time in Sinai Peninsula around 1600-1550 BC gave Moses access to the latest development in writing. The proto-Sinaitic alphabet was a breakthrough in written communication that could be equivalent to the invention of the printing press or the internet. Moses could, in fact, have written the first five books of the Bible during this time and because of this unique language innovation, the timing for God to put His covenant in writing could not have been better.


Without a sacrifice the covenant could not be held binding and so Moses now builds an altar to ratify the covenant between God in Israel, setting up twelve pillars for representing the tribes who agreed to live and obey that which God had given them. It is time for Moses to receive the basis for that covenant in stone, a permanent reminder of the lasting nature of His law, His character, and the ideal to which all humanity should live. God’s glory rests on the mountain. Moses is invited to come up to the mountain of God to represent His people. God’s glory today rests in His sanctuary as Jesus intercedes for us. We are invited to bring our petitions to Him so that Jesus, our divine intercessor, may receive for us that which God has promised. What will your answer be today? Will you accept God’s will for your life and live according to His promises?


Michael Hasel

Southern Adventist University