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Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Justice is an essential element in God’s character. Because He is just, He calls His people to be just and fair in their dealings with each other. Expanding on the ninth commandment, “Do not bear false witness,” Israel is advised that this injunction is not limited to court behavior. Our everyday interaction is to be free of false witness, gossip or joining others in spreading slander. We should not follow the crowd and be influenced by peer pressure, but we are to make our own judgments and stand for the right.


Here is also a special focus on what God will do if Israel “obey his voice and do all that I speak.” Their part of the covenant is to remain faithful to Him. If they do this, He will send His Angel, Christ (PP 232, 311, 366) to go before them. One of the major issues in the Old Testament is the problem of the conquest of Canaan. How is it that God commands the Israelites to engage in this conquest of Canaan and the death that follows among the people? The covenant at Sinai concludes is with the promise of God’s intervention in their battles. Israel is assured that God himself will send His fear before them, and He will destroy them, by sending hornets to drive out the nations. In this promise of deliverance Israel is instructed to trust God in the work that He would accomplish. Often in our lives today we seek to do what God wants to do for us. Are we willing to trust Him to go before us so that we can be witnesses of His mighty acts?


Michael Hasel

Southern Adventist University