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Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Jews feel very strongly about a 50-day period, starting with the very first Passover and deliverance from Egypt, continuing on through the desert and through a body of water called the Red Sea and ending at Mt. Sinai where the Law of God was given to the 12 tribes.  Christians also feel very strongly about a 50-day period that formed our faith. The 50 days started with the crucifixion and ended 50 days later in an upstairs room on Mount Zion, where the Spirit of God was given to 12 disciples.  


Here's the interesting part: both of these 50-day periods started and finished on the same days. Jesus was crucified the day of Passover, just as the lambs were sacrificed on Passover—the 4th day of Nisan.  In fact, if we back up earlier that week, the Passover lambs were selected four days before Passover began.  For the next four days the lamb was examined to make sure it was without defect.


It was four days before Passover that Jesus came to the temple for the final time after riding into Jerusalem: the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. 


Andy Nash

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