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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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The Hebrews didn’t call this book “Exodus.” They called it by its first words or thoughts in the book.  (That’s how they named their books.  They called Genesis “In the beginning.”)  Exodus speaks of deliverance.


Although the Israelites had been in Egypt for more than 400 years—and barely knew their family names anymore—God still knew them by name. And He was preparing them to hear Him speak His own name (YHWH) in an audible voice at Sinai. 


What an amazing story Exodus is. To the Hebrews it is the gospel: a story of deliverance, of grace. Jewish people feel as strongly about Exodus as Christians do the Gospel of John. Contrary to popular thinking, Jews never believed they were saved by their works. Before being asked to obey at Sinai, they would be saved at the Red Sea. 


Like the Israelites and Moses, we too were rescued by a baby boy who grew up to be a deliverer. Toward the end of his life, Jesus climbed a mountain in Canaan and met with Moses, along with Elijah. Luke 9:31-32 says that they discussed Jesus’ “departure”—literally, His “exodus.” 


In what ways does the Israelites’ need for deliverance remind you of our own? Can you think of a time where a “new Pharaoh” arose in your life and made things very difficult?   


Andy Nash

School of Journalism & Communication

Southern Adventist University