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Monday, June 24, 2013

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King Ahasuerus saved his queen, gave her the house of Haman and promoted her relative Mordecai to Haman’s post. His dignity was preserved, and the matter was over as far as he was concerned. 


But it was far from over. Esther and Mordecai still had to find a way to save the lives of every Jew living in Persia.  Again, Esther dressed in her royal best and approached the king. She appealed to his love for her, and wept telling him she could not bear to see her people destroyed. In his usual style, the king agreed, telling Esther and Mordecai to write a decree as they please and to sign it with his signet ring. 


Esther and Mordecai cannot rescind Haman’s evil decree. They must write a new one, one that made his original decree undesirable. In verses 3 and 5 we are again reminded of Haman’s ancestry and the ancient struggle between the Jews and the Amalekites. God had ordered Saul to destroy the Amalekites, and he had refused. Mordecai and Esther did not start that war, or this one, but their decree clearly stated that the Jews had the right to gather together, to defend themselves and protect their lives. If attacked, they would fight back. The decree was translated, transcribed and delivered by royal horses swiftly throughout the land.


Mordecai left the palace that day dressed in royal robes, with a crown on his head. After Haman’s decree he had approached the king’s palace in sackcloth. As the king’s best horsemen delivered this new decree to every province in the empire, a tide of change followed them. The Jews had light and gladness.  Light replaced the darkness; gladness replaced fear; joy replaced despair; and most significantly, God gave honor back to His people.


Interestingly, some in the Persian Empire reversed their own situations and many became Jews. Their conversions were undoubtedly motivated by fear and thoughts of self-preservation.  Perhaps some of the conversions led to genuine changes of heart, and souls were saved in the process. Only God can transform a life of shame to a life of honor. He is the only safe place in the midst of any war.


Jean Boonstra
Voice of Prophecy