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Saturday, June 22, 2013

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A sleepless night provided the turning point in the entire book. The king cannot sleep, and so he asked a servant to read to him from the royal record book. The servant read the account of the day that Mordecai foiled a plot to kill the king and, providentially, the king realized Mordecai hadn’t been honored for saving his life.


Very early in the morning Haman stood in the court. He was eager to speak to the king, to schedule the hanging of Mordecai. His request was cut short, and his pride rushed him to a mistaken presumption. King Ahasuerus asked him how he could honor a man who saved his life.  Haman’s answer was quick and detailed. Almost as if he had envisioned it a thousand times. Dress the man in the king’s own robes, place him on a horse and parade him through the city square proclaiming that the king is honoring him. The description of Haman’s ambition is frighteningly like Lucifer’s prideful longing to be like the Most-High.


Pleased, the king instructs Haman to do this for Mordecai. The next verse begins with Haman obeying the king’s orders. His initial reaction is not recorded, but can easily be imagined—the shock and disbelief, followed by anger, and then the burning humiliation.


Haman hurried home, his head covered. His wife, even though she was not a believer, knows God’s power. She surmises, a little too late, that if Mordecai is a Jew, Haman cannot win. Still reeling from his humiliation, a servant arrives to summon Haman to Esther’s second banquet.  His day did not exactly turn out as he planned.


In this turning point chapter, Esther does not play a role. She was preparing the banquet. Although He is never mentioned, God is the focal point of this chapter. It is not a coincidence that the king hears of Mordecai’s heroism. It is not merely part of a well written story.  God may not have been directly mentioned in the book of Esther but He is never out of the picture. He is the reason for the book, He is the central Character, not only in Esther chapter 6, but also in our lives. Whether we hear Him or not, He still speaks.


Jean Boonstra
Voice of Prophecy