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Monday, February 10, 2014

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In this chapter we are reminded again and understand the emphasis that Solomon wanted to give in the book of Ecclesiastes. It has to do with futility and vanity.
God in His compassion gives men all they desire, He gives capacity to create, develop and manage; but men, with all these advances and concerns will never be able to completely enjoy all that was given to them.

Even more, when men disown God, their life on this earth will be only an exhausting race to acquire material goods, things that are temporal.  And when they reach their goal they will need to acquire something else and on it goes. They don’t realize that this is a short and very finite life.

We must be careful with all the things we receive as sons and daughters of God, whether from within the family such as gifts, abilities, material goods and finances, be they given on purpose or not, can give us our hope. We could end up forgetting the One who gave them to us.

Therefore I want to invite you to live happily and gratefully with all the things God gave you. Every time you are doing an activity, every time you say something, I want everything to have the signature of the Author and Designer of your beautiful life, God.

“Dear Lord, I want you to be the center of everything I do.  I want it to be all about you and not me.  Lord, I really mean it.  Amen.”

Gilberto Urcia Alberca
Executive Secretary
South Peru Union
South American Division