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Saturday, February 8, 2014

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In Ecclesiastes 4, we continue with the words of advice from King Solomon, and the chapter is divided in 3 parts.

Oppressors and Oppressed
Solomon expresses the pain in his heart when he sees the condition of the oppressed under oppressors. The ones suffering cried when they saw their condition and had no consolation and then jealousy rose up for others who were successful.

The Importance of Unity
The king saw another foolish thing, which was one man alone trying to make an effort to get more resources.  Then he underlined the value of unity to obtain more and better results. If one fell, he could be helped by the other, their unity made them stronger.

Youth and Wisdom
The king finishes the chapter describing how a young man is more valuable for his wisdom than an old king who accepts no advice. People would naturally follow the young man for his insight and wisdom.

“Lord, help me not to be jealous of successful people, and let me not to do everything by myself.  Last but not least, help me to recognize true wisdom and follow it.  Amen.”

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