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Thursday, February 6, 2014

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In Ecclesiastes 2, Solomon sums up his life. His experience was very broad and diverse.
From the intellectual development, the power, the gathering of wealth and the immorality that satisfied all kinds of known and imagined pleasures.

He built great things, planted trees, vineyards and gardens, built irrigation systems, filled his house with servants, and his fields with cows and sheep. Nobody could match him. He gathered gold and silver, and all valuable things. His parties had the best instruments and musicians, and as if all that was not enough, he enjoyed his job without restriction for his desires and pleasures.

He had everything, but he felt empty. Solomon says: everything is vanity. That was the king’s conclusion, that after having and experimenting with everything, he gave us through divine inspiration, a great lesson for our lives.

Who only works for today, will have no tomorrow. Those, whose only concern is placed in the temporal things, will die with them, and the ones who live for the temporary things, will not have eternity. Now it is our turn, are we wise or a fool?

Solomon challenges us to put our priorities in order, and move towards the Source of Wisdom. And Jesus said it too, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.”

“Lord, please help me to put your Kingdom first in my life.  Amen.”

Alfredo Hengen
Executive Secretary
Uruguay Union of Churches
South American Division