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Sunday, February 16, 2014

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In chapter 12 there is poem that talks about the unavoidable experience each of us has in our lives.  That is to say, aging comes to all of us after having lived our youth and we realize that in those years we had the maximum strength, adventure, and vitality.

In this last chapter we have a reminder for all the physically and spiritually young people, to be ready for the inescapable destiny, aging. And meanwhile the preparation for aging should be done wisely so it will continue like an “elegant decline.” Only a fool would get angry at the inevitable process that leads us to the end of our lives.

God is our great provider and mentor of our lives. He hugs us spiritually every day until the end of the path. Remember your Creator before those days come and in that way we can prepare for the needs that will surround us until the end of our trip.

Everything is finished then, but Solomon says that even though the dust goes back to the earth, the spirit or the “spark” of life goes back to God, who created it (v. 7).  Without God everything is “Meaningless! Meaningless!” (v. 8) but in God we find abundant life.

We can summarize this chapter like this: Wisdom is for us to love Jesus and to trust in the promise of eternal life that the Father will give us who waits for us with open arms.

The last verses in Ecclesiastes (v.9-14) are like Solomon’s signature, calling us to the divine inspiration of his words (v. 10, 11) and a last call for us fear God (v.13, 14).

According to what we see daily, we will encounter new and old advice to follow, but it is not worth to try to unveil the secrets of life (v. 12).  The only thing that really matters is to live with the advice we have and to fear God all the days of our lives.

“Dear Lord, help me to follow the advice that you have given us and to trust your promises that one day you will come and take us home.  Amen.”

Leonidas Verneque Guedes
Executive Secretary
Southeast Brazil Union