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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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Solomon, filled with wisdom, is introducing this chapter with questions and sorrows, but leaves us some truths which we can ponder.

First truth: daily life has its routines. The sun comes and goes, generations come and disappear. There is also a danger when we stay in a constant routine, that we loose the motivation for the holy and the eternal.  We should look for the Lord daily as if today were our only day of existence.

Second truth: to acquire knowledge of all things under the sun is not important or everlasting.  For our spiritual life the most important part concerns the study of eternal things.

Third truth: worldly knowledge is not always what offers solutions for the problems with the soul. Only the heavenly wisdom, derived from a close relationship with God will bring peace to the human heart. 

In the end, “…the wisdom of God is promised to those who feel their need and who ask for it. God can bring the people where they will receive the truth.” (Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 9, p.181)

So pray to the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to give you the wisdom from Heaven to keep you in peace with God. Amen.

André Dantas
Executive Secretary
North Brazil Union
South American Division