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Friday, September 28, 2012

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As we read the Bible and try to use it in practical ways for daily living, we are hampered by cultural and language challenges. And then there is the time issue. What about a time and place that is 3400 years removed from us?

With considerable detail, Moses tells the Israelites that there are proper places to worship and improper places. Moses is talking to the children and grandchildren of the slaves who came out of Egypt. It would not be surprising that there were still bits and pieces of slave mentality in their thinking. Their worship was characterized by “every man doing whatever is right in his own eyes” (v.8). There was a strong tendency to worship idols.

Everything connected with the idolatrous worship of the people they conquered was to be destroyed. They were to direct all their sacrificial worship to God at one single location that He would choose. That location was not yet chosen because Canaan was not yet conquered. Eventually, Solomon built the permanent temple at Jerusalem (2 Chronicles 3:1). Although the Lord placed his name/identity in that specific location, it did not contain Him (1 Kings 8:27), for His main dwelling is in heaven.

“Dear God, perhaps I, too, have modern idols that displace your lordship in my life. Help me establish a quiet time every day when I can worship you in spirit and truth.”

John Ash
Chinese Union Mission
Hong Kong