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Saturday, May 2, 2015

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As Paul closes his epistle to the Colossian believers, it becomes quickly apparent what is most important to him – he wants Christ to be revealed to others.  He asks the Colossians to pray that doors may be opened for him to have continued opportunity to share the mystery of Christ (v. 3).  He desires to speak the hidden truths of Christ in an understandable way for others to comprehend (v. 4).  Paul encourages the Colossian believers to always interact with others in a way that reveals the grace of Christ and to conduct their lives in a way that shows the wisdom of leading a Christian life (v. 5-6).  Whether through speech or actions, Christ must be revealed.

Paul finishes his letter by sharing some short news about each of his fellow workers who had proved to be a particular comfort to him (vv. 7-12).  One of those workers was Epaphras, a Colossian, who had been praying fervently for the believers in Colosse.  He was praying that they would “stand perfect and complete in all the will of God” (v. 12). 

Right before his final words, Paul once again encourages the Colossians to share Christ, not this time with those who didn’t know Him, but with those who were already believers. Paul asked them to see that his letter would be read to another nearby group, the church of Laodicea (v. 16).  Paul closes out his epistle by asking the believers to remember the chains he wore because of his great desire to live out what was most important to him – making Christ known (vv. 3, 18).


Kenneth Norton

Collegedale, TN  Seventh-day Adventist Church

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