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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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In your opinion, who is the most important person living in your city right now?  How about your state or province?  Your country?  The world?  How did you decide who was most important?  What qualifications do they have that makes them such a significant person?  Is it their position, wealth, or something special they have done for your city, state, country, or world?  One more question:  If one of these important people showed you personal attention, how would it make you feel?

In Colossians 1, the apostle Paul describes someone who currently holds the highest position possible in the universe, has the greatest wealth, has done something so significant that the effects are still being felt in both heaven and on earth, and who wants to be as close to you as possible.

Before outlining the qualifications of the universe’s most important Person and talking about His mysterious attention towards us, Paul encourages the Colossian believers.  He acknowledges their faith, love, and hope and lets them know he is praying for them (vv. 3-12).  He reminds them that through the blood of Christ, they have been delivered from the power of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of the Son (vv. 13-14). 

Paul then turns his attention to the universal importance and significance of Jesus Christ.  Christ ranks over all creation and reveals to us exactly what God the Father is like (v. 15).  He created and owns everything visible and invisible (v. 16).  He was there before anything was created and He holds it all together (v. 17).  No mere human leads His church.  He leads it Himself as One deserving of the highest preeminence (v. 18).  He is fully God, and because of His death on the cross, people can make peace with God and be presented holy, blameless, and without reproach before Him if they will stay faithful and unmoved in their commitment to Him (vv. 19-23).

Then Paul shares a glorious mystery.  This God of position, wealth, and unceasing activity wants to live in us (v. 27).  The most important person in the universe has showered us with His attention and wants to be as close as possible to those He has redeemed with His blood. 


Now, how does that make you feel?


Kenneth Norton

Collegedale, TN Seventh-day Adventist Church

United States