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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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It’s easy to get swept away by the amazing things that followed Pentecost. Tongues of fire, mighty miracles, 3,000 baptized in one day, but what happened during the 10 days in the upper room was as significant, if not more so, as what happened after.

The disciples felt their great need and cried out to the Lord for the “holy unction” that would fit them for the great work before them. But they didn’t stop there. They humbled their hearts in true repentance, they put away wrongs and differences, they put away their desires for supremacy and even divided their possessions among one another (can you imagine if we did that today?) In addition, they sorrowed for having grieved their Master, they confessed their unbelief, meditated much upon the life of Christ and upon His Word.  They drew nearer and nearer to God and to one another as they earnestly longed for the salvation of souls. And what happened as a result? Heaven opened and the blessing of the Holy Spirit was poured out in a magnitude never before seen (See Acts of the Apostles, p. 36,37).

Recently some colleagues and I were partnering in a ministry endeavor, but we were not making very much progress, and there were a lot of differences between us about how the work should be done. Finally we recognized our error, and spent several hours praying together and confessing our wrongs to one another. After that, such strength and unity came between us that our work went forward with power and we felt heaven’s blessings. This is only a small example of what God is longing to do for all of us.  And what happened at Pentecost is only a small taste of what is to come. But for this to happen, we as a people must be of “one accord.” We must put away our differences, and make all wrongs right.

Ellen White writes, “There are many who believe and profess to claim the Lord’s promise; they talk about Christ and about the Holy Spirit, yet receive no benefit. They do not surrender the soul to be guided and controlled by the divine agencies. We cannot use the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is to use us…” (Desire of Ages, p. 672).

Melody (Melodious Echo) Mason
Author, ARME Prayer Ministries Leader