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Monday, January 14, 2013

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Honoring God had always occupied the most important place in David mind. It was the LORD that gave David strength and victory establishing the kingdom and the kingship of David.  Now peace surrounded the kingdom of Israel and David’s long cherished dream to relocate the ark of God, a symbol of God’s presence, was about to take place. 


Two attempts were made for relocation of the ark of God, each accompanied with unmistakable lessons for all to learn. The first attempt, thirty thousand Israelites were chosen for the relocation, the ark of God was loaded on a new cart, and David and all the house of Israel rejoiced before the LORD. In the process, Uzzah was killed for failing to following the strict instructions concerning the handling of the ark!  David realized as he had never realized before the sacredness of the law of God and the necessity of strict obedience.


Encouraged by the blessings received by the house of Abinadab where the ark had been stored, another attempt was made to move the ark three months later. This time David and his people carefully followed all the instructions known to them and successfully relocated the ark of the LORD in Jerusalem.  David was so thrilled that clothed with a linen ephod he jumped for joy before the LORD. He also offered burnt offerings and peace offerings before the LORD. The celebration of this event was significant in turning the hearts of Israel towards true worship of the LORD. 


In the first attempt, disobedience brought distress and puzzle to David. Yet the explicit obedience by David made the transfer of the ark a very delightful occasion and the celebration left a lasting impression upon Israel and the generations to follow. We too will find thorough delight and joy in rendering unreserved obedience to the LORD.


Unfortunately, Michal Saul’s daughter, the very person David requested as a condition for the unification of the kingdom did not unit with David in the celebration of the most sacred event. She rebuked David for exposing himself “as one of the vain fellows shamelessly lowering his dignity by jumping for joy before the Lord.” Michal’s pride and arrogance blocked the way for receiving the Lord’s blessings. As a result, the Bible sadly records that Michal had no child in her life.


Samuel Wang

Center for East Asia Work