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Saturday, January 19, 2013

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This chapter is one of the most dramatic chapters in the Bible. It has all the elements of a great story but as skillful as the details were recorded, every single fact was true. A historical tragedy of a man after God’s own heart who killed a lion and a giant Goliath and so much more to mention, but here fabricated for himself a skeleton (a secret) in the closet. The palace secrets are out and are written down for the records of Israel.  So shameful was this event for the Palace and for Israel and Judah and for God, that the writer of Chronicles in the first verse of chapter 20 omitted this event in his selection of the records in the palace on the life of David. He was not willing to circulate their King David’s moral downfall.


It is spring and all kings normally are with the military. David is not. How dramatic! He slept the whole day because he rose from his bed at the evening (verse 2). In a state of boredom he was walking around on his roof. From the roof in a distance he could see a naked woman bathing. Not contended with his wife or wives, he wanted to see more and sent messengers to take her (verse 4).  Even if she did not want to come, she was brought. She had just finished her menstrual cycle and yielded herself to make love with him. Then he sent her home. Weeks later she sent a messenger to David that she is pregnant and David faced a crisis with her husband Uriah the Hittite.


The concept of the remnant of God evangelizing Hittites and other nations lay scattered in pieces on the floor. Loyal to David, Uriah stayed near the palace but David want to shift responsibility for the pregnancy on to Uriah by insisting that he should spend the night at home. David’s lifestyle has deteriorated outside God’s precepts and he made Uriah drunk, but Uriah still stayed near the palace.


At that point David switched gears and began to plot the murder of Uriah. He wanted him dead and Joab must help him (verse 14). Joab was so loyal to David that he was willing to sin together with him. When a messenger came to report that the murder was completed David covered it up by saying that it is what is to be expected from war (verse 25). Even before nine months was passed, David took Bathsheba as his extra wife and then the son was born (verse 27). The way he lived was the way he was thinking and the way he was thinking was the way he was acting and the way he was acting brought forth the evil fruits of an evil sanctioned lifestyle; it’s a vicious circle.


If our secret sins (skeleton in the closet) are not taken care of properly, they will come up in the Final Judgment.  But we want to deal with our secret sins now during the Investigative Judgment of His people which is under way, so these sins will not come up to view during the millennium.  Amen.


Koot van Wyk
Kyungpook National University
Sangju, South Korea