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Sunday, March 3, 2013

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God knows the past and future, two stories in this chapter stand out to testify to this truth.  The Shunammite woman left her house and land to escape famine, only to find out whatever belonged to her was gone after she came back seven years later.  With the help of Prophet Elisha, she got a fair treatment. 


The story of Hazael is indeed a strange one, as if he was on a journey of self-discovery.  When Elisha wept and told him what he would become, he did not believe what the prophet had told him.  Yet he went home and murdered his King and started to fulfill Elisha’s prophecy.


God does not manipulate history, but in His infinite wisdom, He knows from the beginning to the end.  He gives each one of us the freedom of choice, and He always hopes that we would make wise choices.  When we are given a chance to glimpse into the future, we also have a choice to follow or disobey.  Whatever our choice may be, if we are willing to listen to His guidance, the outcome of our choice would always be good, and he will make sure that we are treated justly like the Shunammite woman.  On the other hand, if we take the matter into our own hands and follow our own desire, we would have to suffer the consequences.


God, please help me to listen to You and follow Your instructions, no matter how difficult it may be.


Daniel Jiao

Chinese Union Mission

Hong Kong