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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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King Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion was the result of a visit by Babylonians many years ago during the last 15 years of King Hezekiah.


When Hezekiah was given 15 more years of life, he asked for a sign from God to make the shadow on the stairway of Ahaz to go back ten steps. This intriguing phenomenon brought visitors from Babylon, but instead of proclaiming God’s name, Hezekiah showed all his treasure to the Babylonian visitors.  The seed of greed was sown and Isaiah declared that everything Hezekiah had would be carried off to Babylon.


This was exactly how it happened, all the treasures and gold were removed, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem were carried into exile (verse 13).


What can we learn from this?  Most importantly, if we ever have any kind of success in this world, we should remember to give credit and glory to God.  When people see the glory of God, they will be drawn to Him, and their earthly desire would be subdued.


Also, nothing is this world belongs to us, even our money and procession.  Right attitude and perspective would ensure that we are always humble enough to be servants of the Lord.


Daniel Jiao
Chinese Union Mission
Hong Kong