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Friday, March 15, 2013

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Hezekiah faced another challenge—his life was about to end!  Given the fact that life on this earth is short, it was natural for Hezekiah to weep over his fate.


Isaiah, on the other hand, was busy delivering messages to the King.  The prophet probably grumbled a little when he was sent by God to tell Hezekiah the bad news that he would die.  And he grumbled even more when he was asked by God to go back and inform Hezekiah that he did not have to die after all.


Had God not made up His mind when He sent Isaiah to Hezekiah the first time?  What caused God to change his mind?  Again, this is related to how God grants us freedom of choice.  In God’s infinite plan, it was best for Hezekiah’s life to end at that time, but God allowed Hezekiah to choose another 15 years of life.  These final years proved to be unfruitful for Hezekiah, and opened door for enemy invasion for the years to come.


The hardest lesson to learn in life is obedience, Hezekiah did not want to obey and God allowed him to see the result of his disobedience.  We should learn from Jesus who lived in total obedience when He prayed to God to take away the bitter cup, “Yet not as I will, but as You will” (Matt 26:39).


Daniel Jiao
Chinese Union Mission
Hong Kong