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Saturday, April 27, 2013

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The Queen of Sheba was incredibly impressed by her visit to King Solomon.  Especially mentioned are the wisdom she learned from him and the amazing view of the house of the Lord.  Solomon shared in such a way that she was moved to say “Blessed be the Lord your God!”  The honor went past Solomon to God.


What if Solomon had stayed humble?  How many nations might have come to know God?  Instead, he acted directly contrary to God’s clear requirement for kings to not plan about gathering much gold or many horses. 


666 talents of gold came into Solomon’s treasury every year.  It may have nothing to do with the symbolic 666 of Revelation 13.  Then again, Solomon’s love for gold and the glory it gave him, sounds very much like the beast of Revelation who speaks great things and loves to receive great honor. 


In Solomon’s gradual slide away from God comes a warning to all of us:  you cannot love God and money too.  There will come a time when we cannot buy or sell if we want to worship God in His ordained way by keeping the Sabbath.


We are constantly bombarded by advertisements that create a desire for something we don’t yet have.  We frequently spend money for things we don’t need while our brothers and sisters around the world die from lack of food and access to education and medical care.  What will you do today to bless others instead of yourself?


Pastor Scott Griswold
Mission Mobilizer
ASAP Ministries