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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Josiah, compelled by all-absorbing devotion to God, had one resolute purpose in mind. He destroyed the high places, the altars of Baal, the idols, the metal images and everything in Israel that was not pleasing to the Lord. Some might have been angry with him, or perhaps even resisted or tried to oppose the reform. But the king's mind was made up; he did not turn aside to the right hand or to the left (verse 2). So successful was the reformation that followed that it is recorded that "all who were present in Israel" served the Lord their God, and as long as Josiah lived, they "turned not from following the Lord," (verse 33). 


An entire nation was restored to a right relationship with God simply because one leader, despite his youth and inexperience, had made up his mind to obey God at all costs. At no other time in human history is the fearless courage of Josiah needed more than in our day and age, where false systems of worship continually threaten the church of God. In the same way that God worked through Josiah, He will work through all—young, old, male or female—who will make up their minds to serve God without the least compromise. 


Thando Malambo
Vice President of Missions
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