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Sunday, May 19, 2013

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The impact of an event is best measured by a person’s response to what happened and what he or she decided.  This chapter describes the response of the people to Hezekiah's initial religious reforms detailed in previous chapters: total commitment. How do we know they were totally, completely, and utterly committed? The descriptive words “utterly destroyed them” (verse 1), "as soon as," "brought in abundance," "all," "brought in abundantly the tithe of everything" (verse 5) give us some insight into what happened. They brought so much, that in fact, there were heaps of tithes and offerings at the Temple (verses 6-7). On top of all of this, it was not a one time response, the people are characterized as faithful (verses 12 and 18), and the giving continued for at least four months. No fatigue here in doing and giving.


And all those working for the House of the Lord were supported by the community simply because Hezekiah decided to do the right thing. "And in every work that he began in the service of the house of God, in the law and in the commandment, to seek his God, he did it with all his heart. So he prospered" (verse 21).


We may not be kings like Hezekiah, but we do each have circles of influence. What if we, like Hezekiah, showed that total commitment, if in everything, we sought God with all of our hearts? This passage suggests the blessings would be at least three-fold. First, those around us would be motivated to live in a like manner, and second, would lead to the needs of the church being met as a result of the response of those who followed our example. Finally, by seeing these two changes, we, too, would experience blessings and prosper as Hezekiah did. This prosperity may not be material, but it will bring that satisfaction that only faithfulness to the Lord can produce.


Amy Sheppard
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