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Sunday, April 21, 2013

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The chapter is filled with specific dimensions of the temple, its foundation, the most holy place, and more.  It details the size of angels’ wings and the amount of gold plating which some estimate as worth 16 million dollars today.


However, it is where Solomon builds that reveals the whole purpose of the temple and its details.  There is no better place for Solomon to build.  Some say David chose the place.  He decided to sacrifice for God by refusing to take the land offered to him as Ornan’s gift and paying for it.  But really this land was chosen by God and built on a sacrifice much greater than David’s.  The temple must be built on MountMoriah, where Abraham’s heart was broken and where Isaac willingly surrendered himself to death.   


For centuries lambs would be sacrificed on this very spot.  Each would be a foretaste of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and God’s broken heart.  Jesus would choose to have us all place our hands upon Him, receive our sins, and if necessary die forever so that we might be reconnected to His and our merciful Father in heaven.


Are you on your knees today because of the enormity of God’s gift to you and your unworthiness?  Because of Jesus you don’t need to die.  Instead, you may offer the sacrifice of a contrite spirit and unceasing praise.


Pastor Scott Griswold
Mission Mobilizer
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