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Monday, May 13, 2013

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In seeking to strengthen his kingdom, Amaziah felt his resources in Judah—those provided by God—were not enough, and turned to hire soldiers from Israel for added protection as he went against his enemies. But God sent a prophet to remind him that human help would result disastrously for him. All too often in seeking to fight the enemies of our soul we do the same. We see the resources that God has provided in His word and prayer, and feel that somehow it is not enough to give us victory; and we turn to human solutions and techniques, human philosophy, human strength. 


Human solutions and reliance on self are no better today than in the days of Amaziah. They always end disastrously for the spiritual life. We would do well to follow Amaziah’s example in discharging those soldiers who would not go with him, and send out of our lives that which causes us to depend on ourselves or human solutions, and instead put our dependence on God alone. And if somehow in doing so we loose some worldly benefit, the promise of God rings down the corridors of time, still as rich and full as when He first spoke it: “The Lord is able to give you much more than this.” 


Natasha Neblett
Vice President of Logistics
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