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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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After Rehoboam had followed God for three years, it only took only two years of “forsaking the law of the Lord” to totally forfeit God’s protection.  An enormous host of 1,200 chariots, 60,000 horsemen, and people without number led by Shishak of Egypt marched against Judah and took all their fortified cities.


As they were about to enter Jerusalem, God made it clear through Shemaiah the prophet why this had happened.  “You’ve forsaken me, so I’m placing you in Shishak’s hands.”


Quickly the leaders and the king humbled themselves.  God, with typical grace, relented and said they would not be destroyed.  However, God said they would experience the difference between serving God and serving Shishak.


With that, Shishak marched in and stripped the Lord’s house and the king’s house of all the golden treasures Solomon had gathered.  Then he placed them under tribute.


Have you ever been fooled into thinking it’s hard to serve God?  His high standard is often seen as a wall that limits our freedom rather than a fortress that protects.  Once the enemy is inside it becomes clearer that sin is truly the hardest of all task-masters.  It gives its slaves only the wages of heartache, suffering, addiction, and death.


Today, focus your mind on the joys of obedience, lest you also be stripped of your freedom in Christ by some foreign Shishak invasion into your spiritual life.


Pastor Scott Griswold
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