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Monday, April 29, 2013

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King Rehoboam’s reign was heavy, but he was willing to listen to the voice of God’s prophet.  He stopped his plans to attack Israel.  Instead he immediately began to fortify various cities to protect his reign in Jerusalem.  In fact he took his stand on the side of David and Solomon and strengthened the worship of the true God.  


Not so in Israel.  King Jeroboam recruited all manner of people to be priests as he established calf idols and the worship of demons.  Priests, Levites, and others refused to have any part of it.  For the next three years they poured out of Israel into Judah.  This significant migration of moral leadership greatly strengthened Judah and impacted Israel’s later destruction.


Today the same enemy is at work seeking to weaken the people of God.  He works through many forms of idolatry, using anything he can to take people’s time and attention away from their loving God. 


What pulls are there on your life?  What squeezes out your time and your love for your Lord?  You too can move yourself to a safe spiritual place—maybe just away from your computer or telephone for a day of seeking God.  It might be more radical, moving your family to a new spot where time with God or opportunities for ministry are much more possible.  Take a step today.  Strengthen yourself.  Strengthen your family.  Strengthen God’s kingdom.


Pastor Scott Griswold
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