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Saturday, May 16, 2015

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Most of us do not live in a society of master and slave, so how does the counsel of vs. 1-5 apply to us?  Well, we do live in a society of employer and employee, of teacher and student, of wealthy and poor, of husband and wife, of parents and children.  How do I relate to the one I work for or to those who work for me, as well as all the other people with whom I am in daily contact?   A Christian must not be hostile to an employer or supervisor or family member, but prove him/herself as Christ-like even through the annoyances of daily living.  

Vs. 6-10 may be the antithesis of “prosperity gospel.”  We know the words, “the love of money is the root of all evil.”  Let us accept this truth and learn to manage according to our present income.  Put God first in our lives, seek His way, “and all these things will work out for you.” 

In vs. 11-16, Paul gives a personal charge to Timothy, from which we also are to learn. “But thou, O man of God (v. 15)”.  “Man of God,” what a title!  Who deserves such a name?  “But you, O woman of God.”  “You, O Youth of God” -- “Flee [greediness].  Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness, fight the good fight of faith…blameless until our Lord’s appearing.”  This is God’s goal for each of us.  This is a large part of the way we witness to the world.

I recall visiting a person who worked in an office where Mable, one of our church members worked.  The person said, “Mable is the best Christian I have ever known.”  I do not believe our church family would have said that because Mable’s circumstances made it difficult for her to be present every Sabbath.  Though irregular in attendance she had Christ shining out from within, influencing those she worked with as well as her unbelieving husband. 

To be faithful to Christ and His doctrine is the message of this letter to Timothy, and the theme of Revival and Reformation

How has my love for Jesus grown these past two years?  “Can the World See Jesus in Me?”    

David Manzano, Retired Pastor

Member of the Retired Workers Association

Collegedale, TN  U.S.A.