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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Paul has made clear to Timothy the spiritual needs of the church.  How was Timothy to begin?  “First of all, pray” (v.15).    This is how we must always begin.  Look at Jesus’ example:  As He came up out of the waters of baptism He knelt and prayed. Then He was led into the wilderness where He communed with God by contemplation and prayer.  Today, when the forces of antichrist work to be in control of all things human, we too need to pray.   

We are to pray for ourselves and that those in authority will uphold freedom and justice for all citizens. Ask to be driven by God’s motives.  He desires that every person be saved.  Christ is the only Mediator.  He gave Himself for ALL.  This includes those in authority who may unfairly treat minorities.  If we speak against rulers, we make it impossible to approach them with the gospel.  We must also be praying that our lives and our words reveal His call for people to “come to the knowledge of the truth” (v.4). 

Paul’s words to women comes in the setting of Diana, the great goddess of the Ephesians, and how women as priestess-prostitutes were an attraction in pagan beliefs.  Having female deities made it easy for women to become dominate.  Paul did not want Christian women to be identified as similar to the women who served in pagan temples.  Women were to live and act in demonstration of the gospel.  Christian women have a very holy calling as wives, mothers and laborers with God.  Elsewhere in his writings he recognized women who were “his helpers in the gospel” (Phil 4:3; Rom. 16:3, 12; also Acts 18:24-26). 

Male and female in competition is contrary to God’s purpose.  Woman and man, living and serving complementary to each other, fulfills His purpose. 

David Manzano, Retired Pastor

Member of the Retired Workers Association

Collegedale, TN  U.S.A.