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Monday, December 17, 2012

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Think of the news that swept through the land as the elders left Samuel and went home.  Who would be king?  How could the twelve tribes come to agreement on the person to be king?  We can be sure that the elders of Israel who had requested a king had their ideas of who should be king, one from their own tribe of course.  Waiting for God’s direction, Samuel would be praying for guidance and his faith was such as to readily accept the one whom God would choose.


Saul, from a prominent family was one who some regarded as a good possibility.

And the Lord used ordinary events to bring Saul and Samuel together. As Saul and his servant traveled through the country inquiring about their lost donkeys, he was being introduced to more and more people. Because of Saul’s height people would notice him. He was well dressed, of noble bearing, and had a servant with him.  So he was someone important not just an ordinary peasant.  Looking on his outward appearance it was natural for people to think, “He is the kind of man we need for our king.”

When God informed Samuel that the next day he would meet the future king of Israel, Saul had made no such plans. “It just happened.” This is the way the Lord most often works.


What appears to us as only daily activities are used by God in His providence to accomplish His purpose.  People of faith can look back and recognize this truth.  Let us thank the Lord that, “all things work together for good to those who love God and are living to carry our His purposes.”  Every trial works for our good.                                                                                


David Manzano

Retired Pastor