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Sunday, December 16, 2012

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Samuel was old. There is so much of Samuel’s good work that is not recorded.            This is true for the majority of Christ’s people.  The light that shines from each of us being faithful to Christ receives little or no public notice.  But it is not lost.  Heaven has the record and many will be surprised when they see the good fruit their life produced.


To love and to trust in God, that is the test. The people who loved the world did not like Samuel’s good example and leadership.  They wanted a king like the other nations. This was treason and rejection of God’s leadership, but the Lord did not destroy them. He had Samuel warn the people what having a king would mean and what a king would do, and then let them have what they wanted.  God does not delight in forced service.


We need to be careful not to want to be great in the eyes of the world.  Our Medical Centers, our Universities are necessary and do give us standing in the world.  However, that which really touches and influences the world for Christ is the lives of the individuals who live and work among the people.


David Manzano

Retired Pastor