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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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When David refused to kill Saul (chapter 24) he rose to the height of godly nobility.  But now David is ready to rush out to avenge himself for a perceived insult by a man named Nabal.  David is stopped from doing so by a wise woman who reminds him of his high destiny in God’s plan.


After protecting the flocks of Nabal in the Judean desert near Maon, David had sent ten of his men to Nabal with a courteous request for supplies for his troops.  Even though it was shearing time, Nabal spoke angrily to David’s men and sent them back with nothing. 


David’s angry response was more like Saul than himself. He commanded four hundred of his men to grab their swords and march immediately against Nabal.


One of Nabal’s servants warned his wife, Abigail, that doom was hanging over their heads because of her husband's insults to David. She immediately went into action, loaded abundant supplies on a string of donkeys, hoping to meet David before he could attack.


When she saw David, she fell on her face before him, taking the blame on herself and begging his forgiveness.  With tact born of God she reminded him that he was fighting the Lord’s battles and not his own, and when he would become king he would be glad that he had not taken vengeance.  Touched by her wise words, David thanked her for rushing out to meet him and gratefully accepted her gifts.  .  


Abigail’s peacemaking revealed her as a child of God, a model for all of us.


Ralph Neall

Retired Professor and Missionary