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Saturday, December 29, 2012

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To escape the murderous jealousy of King Saul, David fled to Ahimelech the priest serving at the tabernacle in Nob  His sudden appearance astonished the priest. “Why are you alone?  Why is no one with you?” he asked. Fearful of the truth of his flight from Saul to be discovered, David resorted to deception. He told Ahimelech that the king  had sent him on a secret errand that required him to move quickly.  


Here his faith failed him. He had faced the giant Goliath without fear, but now he did not know exactly what to do. If he had told the truth, Ahimelech would have known how to save his life.  But not wanting to hinder him on the king's mission, he  gave him some food and the sword of Goliath, and David hurried away.  But Doeg, the Edomite and chief of Saul’s shepherds reported the incident to the king, as we shall see in the next chapter. 


Once more David’s faith failed him. Feeling that he might find more safety among the enemies of his people than in the Kingdom of Israel under Saul.  So he fled to Achish, king of Gath.  But when Achish heard that the Israelite champion had come to him, David was in great danger. He escaped only by pretending to be insane, for in those times it was believed that anyone who harmed an insane person might become insane himself.  


The Lord is very patient and deals gently with his tempted and tried children, but David’s life shows that those who trust God and His care for them should never be dishonest and deceptive in order to save themselves.


Ralph Neall

Retired Professor and Missionary