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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Samuel invited Saul to the sacrificial meal and treated him in a very special way.  Then the next morning Samuel talked with him privately and quietly anointed him as king.  Saul must have thought, “I’m from a small tribe. The larger tribes will never accept me.”


However, the Lord would take care of that issue also, but first the He had a work to do for Saul.  Saul’s real need was to learn to trust completely in Israel’s God.  He must always remember that it was the Lord who selected him and made him to be king.  And his success as king would come from the Lord.


Samuel told Saul of the unusual events that would occur to him that day, and “all those things happened just as Samuel had told him.  Saul was, “changed into another man!”  The Lord had begun His good work of grace in Saul, and he would complete it,” if Saul would keep that which was committed to Him and give to the Lord the obedience of faith (Phil. 1:6; I Tim. 6:20).


Then Samuel called a national assembly at Mizpah  and “by lot” and by Urim and Thummim,  “the Lord chose Saul of Benjamin as king” (vs. 20, 24).  Saul, “was little in his own sight,” and went home to wait for God to work things out. 


In his life the struggle had begun, one which we all face.  That struggle is: Will we look to Jesus and trust Him, or will self take over and rule our lives?


David Manzano

Retired Pastor