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Saturday, June 13, 2015

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Peter does not want his readers to remain static in their walk with Jesus!  In this chapter, he reminds those who have experienced the new birth (ch. 1:23-25) to continue laying aside whatever prevents spiritual growth and to continue in Jesus, the chief cornerstone.  The Jewish nation found offense in the very one who longed to strengthen them, instead stumbling over He who was meant to be a steppingstone to peace and happiness.

In v.9, Peter again writes about a sacred calling for those chosen to represent God on earth, calling forth praise and honor to Christ who had called them out of darkness into the light of truth. The expression ”peculiar people” might better be translated “a people God has acquired for Himself.”  And what a price He paid to purchase our ransom!

Rather than focusing on our need to be “peculiar” in the sense of odd or eccentric, how much better to be known as a “people of compassion, true courtesy, and mercy.”  In Scripture, light is often descriptive of truth (Matt. 4:16; Luke 11:35).  As we point to the Bible as the source of light and reflect the love of Jesus in our lives, we can be agents to restore those who are straying to their great Shepherd.       

Cindy Tutsch, DMin
Associate Director (retired), Ellen G. White Estate
United States