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Sunday, February 10, 2013

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God appeared for the second time to Solomon. What a privilege for a human being to have an open conversation with the  Almighty! This was the approval and appreciation for what Solomon had done. Many times, we forget to appreciate those we love and what they have done for us.  A kind word to those who work for us or do things to help us is always laudable!  God heard Solomon's beautiful prayer! He was pleased with the Temple and promised to be there perpetually!


However, another key personage in this account is David. God charged Solomon that if he walked in integrity like his father He would establish his kingdom forever. The marvelous thought of this counsel to Solomon is what God says about David.  Here's a man of wars, a man who had committed adultery, who helped kill Bathsheba's husband and God praised him as a man of His heart! What a God, who forgives and forgets. No matter what we have done, if our prayer and repentance is genuine God will pardon and we are like new creatures.  I am sure that Solomon felt this compassion from God. The same challenge given to Solomon was extended to the people and to the nation. They needed to abide by God's statutes and commandments. So are we! 


Here we find another great action on the part of Solomon.  Hiram, king of Tyre, congratulated Solomon on becoming king and gave him 120 talents of gold.  Also Hiram had provided much of the materials for the building of the Temple and in gratitude Solomon gave him large amounts of products from Israel's harvest plus offering him 20 small towns on Israel's border.  It was an expensive enterprise to build such a tremendous structure as the Temple.  Solomon was an excellent organizer and planner and did not want the people and the nation to be taxed for all this, and he accomplished what he set out to do.


This chapter reveals that in-spite of all the riches and the material things which Solomon accumulated he never forgot the worship of the Lord. He surrendered self, was thankful, and continued to pray for himself and his people!


Leo Ranzolin
Retired GC Vice-President