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Friday, February 8, 2013

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Solomon took seven years to build the House of the Lord. He is ready now for a new  venture, a personal project:  A complex of buildings which would include his own palace and another one for the Pharaoh's daughter. Historians acknowledge the fact that it took him 20 years of building which kept him pretty busy! He built his own "House" the House of Lebanon, and another one for his wife. It is the dream of every person to build a new home, to have a place of his own, a place which becomes part of his life.  It is so sweet to go back and to reminisce.  It does not make any difference if it is a palace, just a house or a shack. The memories of our first homes are indelible marked in our minds. It is commendable that Solomon wanted to build something for the Lord first! His own house came later! His prerogative was for God! That should be our experience.  Make a place for the Lord in our hearts first, that should have priority.


Any builder will try to get the services of the most skillful and relied artifices! Solomon requested one who would be good with metal and the King of Hiram send him one with the same name, an expert in metalwork. He wanted the best for the Temple. God had given this man special wisdom and he was the one who made the two special pillars of the temple. The names of the pillars were Jachin and Boaz. These pillars became famous and the Jewish writers never stopped talking about them. When Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, took Jerusalem he took these pillars with him to Babylon.  Finally, many of the vessels that Solomon made as well as parts of the Sanctuary in the desert were brought to the Temple such as: The altar of gold, table of gold, lampstands, and candlesticks, etc. Solomon finally finished the building of the Temple and and all the things which his father had dedicated like the silver, the gold and the vessels were placed among the treasures of the House of the Lord. 


Leo Ranzolin

Retired GC Vice-president