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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Finally, there was peace in the land! This is the desire of every ruler, even though there are those who are so ambitious that they will never be content. David was known for being a man of wars and his son Solomon was able to achieve peace. Even his name means "peaceable." We know that it was not the will of the Lord that Israel should have wars and conflicts with its neighboring nations!. One of the great desires of David was to build a temple for the Lord. However, the Lord did not allow him to do it and told David that Solomon would be the one to carry out this plan. He received this charge from his father and took it as a great responsibility during his reign. To achieve his awesome task Solomon would need help from those who had the raw materials to achieve his dream. Hiram, King of Tyre, was a great friend of David. When he heard of David's plans he was very pleased and sent messengers to Solomon and told him that he would be willing to help. Solomon's wise words touched Hiram for he praised the skills of the Sidonians. There was an exchange for wood and food! Apparently the Phoenicians and the Sidonians were very good in working with timber and logs. 


It is amazing to see the friendship that developed between these two kings! Solomon was able to witness and to make the God of Israel known with his neighbors. This is exactly what God expects of a nation that claims to follow Him! It is a responsibility both of the nation and its people to make known God's laws and principles which should guide their countries. This alliance with the King of Tyre helped Solomon establish one of the most glorious periods in the history of Israel.  Solomon wanted to fulfill the promise he made to his father.  It came as a great desire from a heart of love. Also he had a devout feeling to build a magnificent Temple for the Worship of God! This would  be a symbol of the presence of God with His people. Great stones were hewn for the foundation of the House of God. To achieve this great dream Solomon needed help and laborers. About 30.000 workers were drafted. For a month they worked in Lebanon and then had two months home. Solomon again showed mercy and compassion in dealing with the workers.


This is a good example for employers today, to show mercy and compassion for their workers.


Leo Ranzolin

Retired GC Vice-president